SoundTrophics is a platform designed for music producers, offering a unique service where users can upload their tracks and receive professional feedback. The website features a simple three-step process: upload a track, undergo a review by an experienced music producer, and receive comprehensive feedback.
January 2024
Idea: Transforming a concept into a reality, Cyber95 developed a unique platform for music producers to get professional reviews of their tracks.

Engagement: Cyber95 was tasked with three key objectives: crafting an engaging landing page to attract and register users, creating a user-friendly front-facing application for uploading and receiving feedback on soundtracks, and establishing robust infrastructure for hosting the application.

Execution: Leveraging Elastic Beanstalk on AWS, Cyber95 implemented a contained environment with automated deployments via GitHub actions. They provided custom scripts and comprehensive documentation for seamless developer onboarding. Integration with Shopify was also provided to streamline monetization.

Result: Soundtrophics emerged as a platform poised for growth, ready for a successful launch, and scalable to accommodate an expanding user base.
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