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Tailored MVP Development for Startups
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What we believe in
We bring your startup dreams to life. Our dedicated team specializes in creating digital products that are not just functional, but also align perfectly with your unique vision.

Who we are

We are more than just a team; we are architects of dreams. United by our passion for innovation and dedication to the entrepreneurial spirit, we are a group of seasoned developers, creative designers, and strategic thinkers. Our journey began with a shared vision: to empower startups by transforming their groundbreaking ideas into tangible realities.

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What we do

We create digital products that are not just a stepping stone but a giant leap for startups. We believe in the power of an MVP to validate ideas, attract investors, and set the course for a product's future development.

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AI Transformation for Traffic Intelligence

Nasr Traffic Intelligence LLC collects traffic data for municipalities using computer vision and artificial intelligence to determine volume counts, turning movement counts, classification, and speed. Our AI software improves the scalability and safety of performing these studies.


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